General Overview

Primary Business: Engineering, Resource, and Management Consulting; Mediation

Principal: Timothy L. Olsen, PE

Mission Statement: To develop clean, efficient, cost-effective energy systems and resource technologies, and to guide society toward minimal consumption and environmental impact.

Expected Project Partners: Wind turbine manufacturers, energy project developers, utilities, communities, insurers, policy makers.

Services: Wind energy conversion system design, aerodynamic design and analysis, test engineering, meteorological and operational data collection and analysis, loads modeling and structural analysis, hybrid energy system modeling, hybrid energy system design and installation, technology assessment and certification, project management, software development, proposal writing and review, resource and feasibility assessment, economic analysis, dispute mediation, electric vehicle design.

General Expertise: Licensed professional engineer with experience in mechanical, structural, aerodynamic, test, and systems engineering, primarily as applied to wind turbine design and application.  Additional skills in resource assessment, project planning, and economic evaluation.

Facilities and Equipment: One office in Denver, CO; three peZond Z-40 FS, 550 Kw Wind turbine, Tehachapi, CAntium computers: two desktops and one laptop with wide range of commercial and specialized software; laser printer and scanner; solid reference library.

Associates: Expertise available in aerodynamics, structural modeling, finite element analysis, design and drafting, electrical engineering, testing and instrumentation, meteorology and site selection, economic analysis, electric vehicle and infrastructure design, hybrid energy system design, project management, and mediation and arbitration.


1428 S Humboldt Street, Denver, CO 80210, USA
Phone: 303-777-3341
FAX: 303-777-3383

Tim Olsen

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